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Today I will focus Part 2 of this ongoing series on essential bakeware that you really need in the kitchen to help get you started with cooking and baking. There are some pans that are every day must have essentials like cookie sheets and 13"x9"s. Then there are other more specialized pans like Bundt pans which have one specific use and means you'll only use them once or twice a year at best. It's better to save the $40-50 you would spend on a fancy one use pan and stock up on several of the basics instead. So now I present to you, my list of bakeware basics.

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Part 1 of the series is here, http://momof911kids.livejournal.com/1314.html in case you missed it.

Today is new recipe day!

Hey everyone! I just want to say sorry that I didn't update here in 2 days. It's just that on Tuesday night, I ran out of time. Then yesterday I was very tired and fell asleep at 8:30pm which is unusual for me. But now I'm back and ready to update with a new yummy, delicious recipe to share.

I now present to you, my recipe modification of Cathy Lowe's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies from Food Network's website. Try these for ultra delicious, soft, ultra chocolate-y, brownie-like cookies! Yep, the very same recipe for the cookies that I donate to the Guinealynx Charity Auction to benefit the rescues. These cookies usually go for $35+ for 3 dozen. Try this recipe and you'll see why.

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Or what you really need to be able to cook and bake things. I'm a big fan of having the right equipment for the job but that does not mean you need to invest in top of the line, extremely expensive wallet burning merchandise just to make cookies, cakes, pasta, etc. There are lots of recipes where you only need the most basic equipment to get you started. Sure, a stand mixer and other fancy stuff are great but only if you're going to use them more than once a year. I grew up without any fancy kitchen gadgets, like stand mixers and blenders, and it never stopped me from learning to cook even though it does take more time.

I present you with my list of must have kitchen basics. These are the pieces of equipment that I feel every kitchen and cook should have and will allow them to make most recipes that they encounter here and in the majority of cookbooks too.

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Second recipe of the week--Jambalaya!

I present the second recipe of the week tonight, super simple jambalaya. Originally I got this recipe from "Family Circle Quick & Easy Recipes" but now after making it several times, I've come to adjust and refine it so that it comes out great every time. It's a very quick recipe to put together and make. Another plus is that it's also a very cheap meal to make and quite versatile too. You could add in bits of raw chicken, shrimp, scallops, etc.

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Have you ever started a recipe only to discover that "OH NO I don't have ________ ingredient! What am I going to do?!". It's happened to all of us at one time or another and almost always when either the stores are closed, it's a holiday or we're crunched for time and must get food on the table asap. Over the years I've learned a few tricks on what ingedients you can and can't substitute in a recipe. Some I've learned from experimenting and others I've learned from the 1976 edition of "The Joy of Cooking" cookbook or "Cooks Illustrated" magazine. Now I present you with the first installment in what will be an ongoing series.

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Welcome and The Best Ever Blondies

Welcome to my new project! I decided to take this journal and make it into a step by step recipe tutorial with pictures after a few conversations with long distance friends who would all love for me to visit and teach them how to cook. While I'd love to do that, realistically I do not have the funds at this time to do so. But I hope that this will serve as a good enough substitute for now and get my friends into their kitchens and cooking!

I plan to feature all sorts of recipes, everything from sweet to savory and inbetween. As well as kid friendly, beginner, intermediate and hard recipes too. I also plan on showcasing some low calorie yummies and occasionally some vegan yummies too. If there's a particular recipe you need right away, feel free to contact me via the email address in my profile. As we learn and grow together, I plan on explaining how and what you can adjust in certain recipes and the whys behind it. I hope to have one, maybe two, recipe pictorials posted each week. Here's the first one.

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If you make these, comment and let me know. Or if there are any steps that are unclear then let me know by commenting. Also feel free to comment and post a pic of your finished product.

Edited to add: This recipe is a variation of a blondie recipe I found on the CDKitchen website.